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Volumnia Capital focuses on investing in the most innovative and disruptive technology startups. Our experienced team provides entrepreneurs with unparalleled support to help their business grow and succeed. We strive to build long-lasting partnerships with our founders and entrepreneurs, and are committed to driving positive change through technology.

Our portfolio spans a wide range of sectors, and we're always on the lookout for the next big thing in innovation and entrepreneurship. If you are a visionary entrepreneur with a disruptive idea, we want to hear from you.

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Emerging markets

Many recently emerging markets now offer potential for high growth and profitability. Refurbished products, alternative mobility devices or recycling initiatives are booming due to the increasing demand for affordable and sustainable products.



Newcomers are revolutionizing the way financial services are delivered. Fintech companies use technology to offer faster, more efficient, and more accessible financial services to consumers and businesses, through technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and machine learning..


Green technologies

With growing concerns about climate change and the transition to a low-carbon economy, green markets have become increasingly important and offer potential for long-term growth. Companies that are developing innovative solutions for renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable transportation, and other environmentally-friendly sectors must become reliable businesses, and contribute to positive social and environmental impact.


Emerging countries

Volumnia Capital aims to collaborate closely with entrepreneurs eager to offer new products and services beyond Western market economies. Wholesalers that operate in emerging countries can benefit from rising demand for consumer goods and other products as the middle class expands and incomes rise, while getting actively involved in local development projects and policies.

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